Cut your sharing time to at least half

The Poshmark Closet ToolKit helps saves times and cuts down more than 50% of your time. You are not using a bot as this tool just reconfigures your screen that makes the share button easy to click not having to move your mouse multiple times. Best part is the tool is Poshmark approved!

Rated 5 stars by over 20 beta users

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Use It Anytime, Anywhere

Share whatever you feel like sharing. Share your closet. Share your friend's closet.

Do it on your phone 📱, tablet, or laptop 💻. It's totally up to you.

Organize and display your closet for quick and easy viewing

Closet ToolKit helps you reconfigure the closet view to efficiently manage items in your closet with less time than with the default Poshmark's view.

Large Sharing Button

This makes it easy and quickly share an item to either your Followers, or to a Party.

Take Back Your Time. Free up your life again.

To make consistent sales, you have to share a closet at least three times a day. Poshmark is talking about that everywhere 😡.

Suppose you have 300 active listings. You spend ~20 minutes to share the entire closet once and 60 minutes for a day, and 1800 minutes (30 hours) a month.

Imagine you can Save ~15 hours monthly with this tool.

Save 3 hours for free in 5 days

Poshmark Closet ToolKit

Perfect for any resellers on Poshmark, big or small, part or full time.

What's included

  • Share to followers

  • Share to party

  • Best ever live support

  • Cancel anytime

Try it free for 5 days

$15/mo USD

$12/m if pay a year price - $145

No Risk: 5 Day Free Trial, Without Credit Card!

Frequently asked questions

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Reach out to our customer support team.

Can I use this tool on Poshmark? I thought bots were banned?
Poshmark Closet ToolKit is not a bot, and does not use automation. You still click to share each item manually; therefore, this tool is in compliance with the rules of Poshmark. We have aproved newsplater from Poshmark support team.
What devices can I use the tool?
You can use it on your phone, tablet, or laptop. You can install it on multiple devices for work with one closet.
Can I use this in Canada on or Australia?
Yes, we support all Poshmark regions.